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What We Are All About


Who We Are

We’re operators with a proven track record of success launching, managing and scaling billion dollar businesses and brands...so when it comes to vetting opportunities and advising portfolio companies, we know what we’re doing and what it takes to win.

Our relationships, from the largest and most well known VCs, to the most influential public figures, enable us to get into rooms and have access to opportunities and deals that funds our size (and most funds, regardless of size) can only dream of taking part in.


What We Do

Going deeper, not wider, with our investments and portfolio companies, is the name of the game for us. We're here to truly collaborate with our founders and executive teams; to be thought partners, provide strategic guidance and counsel when and where necessary, and to add demonstrable value beyond our capital alone.

We’re primarily looking for fully functioning, well operated, effectively managed and revenue generating businesses that have already been able to prove out their product-market fit.

Additionally, a significant portion of our portfolio includes brands that have a public figure involved in some meaningful and authentic way given the right talent partner’s ability to fast track consumer adoption and have an outsized marketing and cultural impact.

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